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Why girls cheat?
[Image: 140_www_ingi_in_why_girls_cheat.jpg]

Why girls cheat?

There are many reasons for why girls cheat in a relationship. I am not saying that all girls do cheat. But some girls do cheat. Some girls loves a guy for some favors from him or to get some thing done by him. Guys also cheat girls like this. So here are a few reasons why girls cheat their partners in a relationship :

Girls are emotional creatures

Girls build strong emotional connections really fast. It’s easy for them to get close to a guy and confuse the bond with love. So often guys misunderstand this as love. So it might be a simple friendship between the two and the guy mistakenly thinking that it is love. and feels like being cheated when girls tell them that they consider the guy as a good friend.

Girls like guys who support them when they are emotionally weak

Girls easily fall in love with a guy who supports her at her worst times. Like when a girl is really sad, stressed out or depressed, if a guy gives her a shoulder to lean on, the girl could never forget him or could easily fall in love with him. That’s why I expressed girls as emotional creatures in the previous point. So don’t complain if a girl cheats you, when you are not there to support her when she is emotionally weak.

Girls fall in love quickly

Girls fall in love with any guy so quickly. Like most guys gets attracted to beauty of girls, most girls get attracted to guys who shows affection, care and support her emotionally when she needs someone. So girls could easily fall in love with a co-worker, who cares for her a lot or supports her during the times when she needs some one a lot. To prevent this from happening, a guy should be there to support his girl at all times, whether it be good or bad,.

Girls are fooled by most guys

Girls often get fooled by a few guys who knows her weaknesses. Like this, some guys get emotionally attached to a girl. She might think that the guy is seriously interested in a relationship with her and she will leave behind her boy friend. But she might come to know the truth finally that the guy is cheating on her. But it might be too late for that realization.

Most girls play hard to get

Most girls fall in love too fast with just about anyone who shows affection. They try playing hard to get, but almost always end up becoming really easy to get for those naughty girlfriend stealing guys out there who knows how to get a girl.

Doubtful girls

Another main reasons for a girl to cheat her partner is being too much doubtful. So if you’re a guy, avoid too much flirting with other girls and avoid showing too much intimacy to other girls, when your girl is around. Being a little flirty is ok, to make her jealous. But too much of it will hurt her and think that she’s not being given proper attention, getting proper affection or care from her boy and might leave her partner. Most of the girls are possessive and she often doubts her boy friend when she sees him with other girls or sees him flirting.

Hurting her too much

Never hurt a girl too much. This is the most common reason for girls to leave her partner. Small small fights and quarrels are common in a relationship. But if it becomes too much, she might leave you.

Girls leave guys who’s not good in bed

Another reason for a girl to leave a guy is that she might not be getting satisfied in bed. Make sure that you’re good in bed and satisfy her both physically and mentally. Women need to feel desired and experience REAL orgasms during sexy. If you are getting bad sexy, not enough sexy, non-emotional sexy, or “wham-bam-thank-you-mam” sexy, you may eventually lose interest in the relationship and look elsewhere for GOOD sexy! If a girl is not sexually attracted to her guy anymore, she’ll definitely dive head first into any other sexually attracted guys.

Money matters

There are few girls who are attracted to money. If her guy is not giving her good financial support or not getting those costly things which she desires the most, then this might be the reason for a girl to cheat her guy. The fear of being alone and financially unstable keeps you in a one-down position. Now that girls make their own money, enjoy working, and are good at it, the need to stay in an unhappy relationship is not necessary. That feeling of power and independence can be like seeing the red carpet laid out for you; all the way to those other fish in the sea.So be there to buy for her all those costly apparels, cosmetics or gifts, if she’s your girl.

Lack of attention and intimacy:

Some can go for only days or weeks without attention and intimacy, and others can go for years. In common, girls need and desire intimacy, physical touch, and mental and emotional attention. If a girl is not receiving this from her husband or boyfriend, it will only be a matter of time and she may seek it from another i.e. a caring guy friend, the attentive guy who feeds her emotional needs. Girls who are not getting enough attention, compliments, and compassion; usually have emotional affairs.

Lack of appreciation

When you are in a relationship, you like to please your partner. Cooking a dinner for your love, shopping together, and hanging out together, are just a few ways you may show your love and appreciation. You’ll feel nice when you cook for someone and they appreciate it. And the opposite feeling happens when they don’t. We all have thresholds, and once yours is reached, you may decide to act on a “thank you, please, or I love you” coming from another direction. Learn to appreciate others. If you can’t then it’s really difficult for a relation to go on. A small word of appreciation could make her day more brighter.

This post doesn’t mean that girls do cheat. Feel free to love your girl. Love her like nobody else could or ever did and she will be yours for ever.
just the same way as boys cheat
wow! You did excellent research Bro.
Nice Work
excellent research
superb informations Wink
what is your think

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